Accepting Yourself

Have you ever said too much in an attempt to fit in or stand out, only to have that very moment come back and haunt you? I have too talked myself out of something great because I doubted my ability to actually complete the task, but with Ladies in Training it was different. Months, and even days prior to launching Ladies in Training, everything in my life seemed to be falling apart. I was emotionally and financially tired, but weirdly enough not physically--I began to feel stronger the more opposition I was faced with. It began to feel like everything that I ever thought I needed in my life was leaving me. and it was at that very moment that I was taught a lesson about need vs want. I thought I needed people or things to make me better, or whole, or to help me, but what I realized was when the lights were off and I was the only person in the room all that I needed was myself and the God in me. So many times we look for fulfillment outside of ourselves; jobs, material possessions, relationships, vices, so many things we use to distract ourselves, from ourselves, but there’s still a void and there will always be a void until you find yourself. I realized I am at my best, when I am my best, not when I am the best for others, but instead truly doing what is best for me. There is a process called pruning and it is a harvesting/farming technique. During this pruning process certain parts of the plants are removed (basically the bad parts or the dead parts). The main reason that plants are pruned is to remove deadwood, control the growth of the plant, improving the health of the plant, and for harvesting and increasing the life of the plant. Pruning is important as you have to learn to get rid of things that will tear you down or things that will strip you of your greatness. Everything has to be stripped in order to get to the good part. Self-awareness, self-reflection allows you to see you--sometimes it is hard to see yourself because there are too many other people telling you about yourself. I was almost sad that I was losing so much in my life until I realized I had to experience loss to gain everything I really needed; peace and clarity. For so long, I could not receive those things because I had people in my corner who did love me but had their own thing going on and were too busy focused on what was wrong with them to truly help me understand what was right for me. I am realizing truly finding yourself may cause people to wander off but it allows for you to be happy for them as they find themselves. Sometimes elevation requires elimination and elimination isn’t always a bad thing. Think about this-- what is a bad habit you can eliminate to make YOU better? Do you love that habit more than yourself? Eliminate so that you can elevate! Are you in this stage right now? Take the time out for you and accept yourself! Allow yourself time to grow. Allow yourself time to heal. Allow yourself time to breathe. If you are in that stage right now, elevate your mind... Stop dreaming and start doing. I am sure you have a vision; write it down, make it plan, and run with it! Don’t think about what you have lost, think about how much more you have to gain.

#selfconfidence #discipline #love #selfacceptance


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