Discretion - the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information.

Stop telling your business and then getting mad when people talk about your business. In order for people to stop talking about you in the negative you have to stop giving them negative things to talk about. Basically, you need to stop talking about you so that others can fall in line. I kept getting mad at people for sharing what I shared with them and then I had to realize nobody is going to respect my business until I understand the power of respecting my own. In this day and age we post everything on social media, we tell everything to everyone even when we think that we don’t and then we get mad when people talk. Of course people will talk because look at YOU…

Are you or are you not somebody to talk about? Think about that...really think about it...

I had a tragic experience happen to me and I told my closest friends and they told their other closest friends without my permission and at first I was mad about it. Then I realized everything is not for everybody and the moment you begin to tell everybody any little and big thing it becomes everybody else's business. In my maturity I know it is my fault for talking too much, sometimes about nothing and more times about something. But ultimately I know if YOU do not talk about you, people cannot talk about YOU. And, it is more than being talked about because people will talk even when they have to make it up.Just stop letting people talk about you because you fueled the story.

I have truly learned that discretion is key, and not because you should walk around being a private person and holding everything in…but because you should be in control of your own narrative...discretion is key because half the business you know really isn’t yours…sometimes even when it’s your own business. I remember once when I had to learn a poem about discretion and not just learn it but recite it and memorize it…when I was trying to learn the poem I was trying to memorize to recite it but not really understanding what the power of discretion is. Talking about something is different than actually internalizing it and understanding what it truly means.


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